from Moonbow EP by Purplefly



Composed February 1996


You found a way into my heart in the dark of night
Oh how can I fight when you’ve entered into my dreams
You appear in there clouded by mists of which I cannot part
And leave me drenched in the sweat of my fears, tears of loneliness they do seem

Oh why do you haunt me and how do you know
Where in my dream time I will go
What is your reason and what does it mean
Why do you haunt me in my dreams

You own my heart of which a part awaits in the night
Despite this you are a mystery, an enigma unto me
Now that you’ve conquered me in the unseen
Will you come to life outside of my dreams?

But then when I wake up, baby you’re not there
Even though you haunt me, I know you cannot care
Because when I wake up, you’re not what you seem
Even though you haunt me, haunt me in my dreams
Even though you touch my heart and touch me in my dreams
Even though you haunt me, haunt me in my dreams


from Moonbow EP, track released April 3, 1998
Estar - vocals, guitars & percussion
Scott G - bass & congas
The Swami - keys
D'rell - drums




Teduardo Detroit

Guitarist, composer, producer, engineer, singer, multi-instrumentalist w/
bands Black Mali, The Majic Dragon, Purplefly, Isabella, Black Bottom Collective. Commercial: Compuware, GM, Ford Motor Company, Kmart.
500+ live performances inc. appearances w/Afghan Wigs, Angelique Kidjo, Beastie Boys, Blue Dog, Cee-Lo, Chuck D, Darnell Kendricks, Don Was, Dwele, fIREHOSE, Joe Hunter & Talib Kweli
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