Live By The Leaf

from Moonbow by Purplefly



Composed August 1995


Oh don’t ya know what this little bit of green can do?
Relaxing vibe, medicinal uses too
Saving lives & clearing skies
By growing it as our fuel

It’s a miracle, but even if it’s not
What gives the man the right to keep it from growing in my pot?
This idiocy has brought our world to its knees
I say string him up nice and high sweet revenge for & by the trees

When you live by the leaf, you’re living life as it were
No crowds, no scenes, no big machines, a blessing from the Earth
But if you live by the leaf, it might lure you away
From what it is you’re moving toward and hold you in its sway

I think that we all realize
That the time has come to legalize
And let this gift of the Earth grow free
From the laws of you and me

But I think that we also need to realize
That wisdom is the greatest prize
And will keep us from treating this wondrous weed
As just another commodity

It’s a sacrilege to use this sacrament simply as a substance
So use a little wisdom in the way you use the weed


from Moonbow, released June 1, 1999
Estar - vocals, guitars & percussion
Isabella - vocals
Phat J - bass
Scotty G - congas
The Swami - keys
D'rell - drums




Teduardo Detroit

Guitarist, composer, producer, engineer, singer, multi-instrumentalist w/
bands Black Mali, The Majic Dragon, Purplefly, Isabella, Black Bottom Collective. Commercial: Compuware, GM, Ford Motor Company, Kmart.
500+ live performances inc. appearances w/Afghan Wigs, Angelique Kidjo, Beastie Boys, Blue Dog, Cee-Lo, Chuck D, Darnell Kendricks, Don Was, Dwele, fIREHOSE, Joe Hunter & Talib Kweli
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