Purplefly (Moonbow)

by Teduardo

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For those who've ever realized in red,
experienced the passion of purple,
and been blessed with revelations in blue, this one is for you.
May we meet at the end of the Moonbow...


released June 1, 1999

Composed, arranged & produced by Estar (Teduardo - Universal Abstract/BMI)

Performed by Purplefly:
Estar (Teduardo) - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Phat J (Joe Canaday) - Bass
The Swami (Mark Harper) - Keys
Isabella (Elizabeth Nanas) - Backing vocals
D'rell (Darrell Schneck) - Drums
Scotty G (Scott Gatteño) - Percussion

Recorded January & November 1998 - February 1999
Recorded & mixed by Roscoe at Roscoe's Recording, Detroit, MI
Mastered by Tim at the Woodshed, Berkley, MI




Teduardo Detroit

Guitarist, composer, producer, engineer, singer, multi-instrumentalist
Bands: Black Mali, Majic Dragon, Purplefly, Isabella, Black Bottom Collective
Commercial: Compuware, GM, Ford Motor Company, Kmart
500+ live performances inc. appearances w/Afghan Wigs, Angelique Kidjo, Beastie Boys, Blue Dog, Cee-Lo, Chuck D, Darnell Kendricks, Don Was, Dwele, fIREHOSE, Joe Hunter, Talib Kweli, Thornetta Davis
... more

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Track Name: If U Could C
I know what yer thinkin'... I’m just another custodian
“He might be cute, ah, but it’s a fluke,” but with the truth I’ll reel ya in
You know what I’m thinkin’, classy lady walking by
I need to win your affections with more than my pheromones workin’ on the sly

If you could see what I can do you would want me to...
If you could see what I can do you would love me to...
If you could see what I can do you would want me to...

I know that you’re thinking that I’m a downtown blue collar kind of guy
That I’ve got some kind of reputation for living my life on the sly
Well listen here classy lady, you seem to be an uptown kind of girl
It’ll only take a minute of your time to peek inside my world

If you saw me in action, I think you’d be quite impressed
It’d be to your satisfaction if we got undressed
And plucked a silver apple from the forbidden tree
Then ever up the ladder rungs of pleasure you’ll climb with me

I’m talking of my hidden talents, the ones you know so little about
I’m sure you’ve got some hobbies of your own besides the ones you flout
If you show my yours, then I’ll show you mine
Then life’s hidden treasures of pleasure you and I will surely find
Track Name: Sweet Thang
I’m in the runnin, now honey, you got me on my knees
Hopin’ you’ll go my way, now baby, my sweet tooth’s beggin’ ya please
I wanna make you mine now sugar, tasty as can be
Got two hands inside the cookie jar now,
tryin’ to fetch a sweet thang for me

Just like the bee and his flowers now, your pedals pretty as can be
I’m attracted to your pollen, petunia doll, I’ll pollinate ya ever so diligently
Candy corn could grow in our backyard, licorice lovers we could be
Sugarbabies abound when you’re around
so why not come and sweetin’ my tea

Sugar and spice and everything nice
Honey, that’s you, that’s right

I wanna make you mine now sugar, tasty as can be
Got two hands inside the cookie jar now,
tryin’ to fetch a sweet thang for me

Honey hides in the back of my hive now, chocolate cherries chill so gingerly
Shortbread cookies and a hot apple pies sigh waitin’ for you to entice me
I wanna make you mine now sugar, tasty as can be
Got two hands inside the cookie jar now,
tryin’ to fetch a sweet thang for me
Track Name: Succubus
You found a way into my heart in the dark of night
Oh how can I fight when you’ve entered into my dreams
You appear in there clouded by mists of which I cannot part
And leave me drenched in the sweat of my fears, tears of loneliness they do seem

Oh why do you haunt me and how do you know
Where in my dream time I will go
What is your reason and what does it mean
Why do you haunt me in my dreams

You own my heart of which a part awaits in the night
Despite this you are a mystery, an enigma unto me
Now that you’ve conquered me in the unseen
Will you come to life outside of my dreams?

But then when I wake up, baby you’re not there
Even though you haunt me, I know you cannot care
Because when I wake up, you’re not what you seem
Even though you haunt me, haunt me in my dreams
Even though you touch my heart and touch me in my dreams
Even though you haunt me, haunt me in my dreams
Track Name: Jaywalk
Talk the talk
And a walk that walk
Act a fool
Cause the fool don’t balk
Be surreal
But stay real inside
You gotta git in touch with yo’ funky side

Jaywalk, walk like this, Jaywalk, walk like that
When it’s found you, yo’ inna fool, don’t look back

Jump around
And a git git down
Act a clown
Cause the clown don’t frown
Cold funkin’ glide
And a speak that jive
You gotta git in touch with yo’ funky side
Track Name: Pocketfull of Pride
Undue optimism’s
Got me wonderin’
If maybe through all the things you’ve said
You’ve spread yourself too thin
That you play it up so much
Sure tells me a lot
If you don’t got a choice well then it pays to be
Happy with what you've got

That you can’t be honest
About the situation you’re in
Looks like you’re leaving it
A situation that’s no win
Dig inside those pockets bro
And tell me what you’ve got
A pocketfull of battered pride
Don’t amount to a lot

You can keep your pocketfull of pride
I hope it helps to warm you up when it’s cold outside
When the sun is sinking low and the sky is turning shades of red
You can keep your pocketfull of pride not listening to what I said...
Track Name: So What
So what if the stars should choose not to shine
I’ll light one thousand candles and hold them high
So what if this world seems to be closing in
You know what, if it comes down to sinking, I’ll swim

Cause you know, it’s gonna be alright, and if it’s so, then I’ll put up a fight
But I ain’t gonna let it get me down
And I ain’t gonna let it turn my smiles all to frowns
And I ain’t gonna let it turn my life upside down
Everything’s gonna be alright

So what if the sun and moon fall from the sky
I’ll put them back or at least I will try
So what if it seems like life’s all gone awry
I’ll grow my wings and learn how to fly

We gotta believe
Everything’s gonna be alright...
Track Name: Free
Here I am, not in the palm of anybody’s hand
I’m a man with a single minded plan

Oh, can’t you see, I’m free

I’m a lion on the prairie without a pride
All is fleeting except what’s on the inside
And even forever can’t ever last
I’m set adrift without a future or past

I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere
You can’t have me...

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve lost every toy that meant something to me
Then I’d cry, pain and sigh; it’s not the way to be
So then when I became a man, I thought here’s a plan for me
Unattached to almost anything I’m free
Track Name: Smartbomb
I ain’t talkin’ bout no stargate
I jus’ wanna see, um, some booties shake
My mission is to make this house quake
So let’s drop the bomb, the smartbomb and a
funkin’ good time we’ll make

Smartbomb Get yo’ ass on the dance floor
Isn’t that what you came here for
I’ssa tryin’ ta get you all to move
So come on and a catch my groove

I ain’t talkin’ bout nothin’ that’s gonna hurt no one
I just wanna see my people havin’ fun
I’m a wishin’ that the women would, uh, move their buns
So let’s drop the bomb, the smartbomb and a get down
on the one

Sike yo’ mind yo’ booty shine
Track Name: My Heart Breaks Just a Little Bit
So you’ve got a man
Who’s half the man I am
Oh, but what I am to do, don’t wanna be cruel
I guess that’s just the way I am
And you know how I feel, that these feelings are real,
Cause I’ve told you so (many times, oh yeah)
So don’t play me like a fool, that ain’t cool
Oh, don’t you know

And I know it’s hard cause we’re such good friends
And we don’t want these feelings to end
But try and see it my way just this one time,
My love is real, oh don’t you feel
That you should be mine
Oh my heart breaks oh just a little bit every time you’re with him...

Oh baby I’ve been longin’
For such a long time
And you’ve got me on a tether,
Balancin’ on a dime
One, two, three times I’ve said before I’m dead
True love I will find
But for the one, two, three, fourth time in a row I love you so
And I’m losing my mind!!!
Track Name: After All is Said & Done
After all is said & done, to where are you going to run?
Underneath the morning sun,
Above the winds of the ever winding one?
Where will you try to hide,
When the knowledge, it rests on the inside?
Now that the time has come, underneath the noonday sun

And now for the question of the day,
Which is the path you’ll take?
One which is set in stone, or one that is of your own?
Will you follow or will you lead?
Will you imprison or will you set free?
After all is said & done, will you be the willing one?

Who will be having their fun,
The righteous or the wicked one?
Or those who stifled the might of the spirit readying for flight?
But now that the time has come
For the righteous and the wicked one
To face up to the deeds that they’ve done
Underneath the noonday sun

After all is said & done, underneath the noonday sun
Track Name: Live By The Leaf
Oh don’t ya know what this little bit of green can do?
Relaxing vibe, medicinal uses too
Saving lives & clearing skies
By growing it as our fuel

It’s a miracle, but even if it’s not
What gives the man the right to keep it from growing in my pot?
This idiocy has brought our world to its knees
I say string him up nice and high sweet revenge for & by the trees

When you live by the leaf, you’re living life as it were
No crowds, no scenes, no big machines, a blessing from the Earth
But if you live by the leaf, it might lure you away
From what it is you’re moving toward and hold you in its sway

I think that we all realize
That the time has come to legalize
And let this gift of the Earth grow free
From the laws of you and me

But I think that we also need to realize
That wisdom is the greatest prize
And will keep us from treating this wondrous weed
As just another commodity

It’s a sacrilege to use this sacrament simply as a substance
So use a little wisdom in the way you use the weed
Track Name: Moonbow
I’m a looking for my pot of platinum at the end of the moonbow
And I’m wondering if now you know, baby, do you want to go?

So they say there’s saner way to live/better way to live/be
So they say, so we’ll see...
So I say that’s no the way for me/that doesn’t matter to me...

Ya see I’m trying ta make my own in my own way baby
Some might say it’s silly but I’m betting on a better day

When I get to the end of the moonbow, baby, I hope you’re there with me
Cause when we get to the end of the moonbow, baby, there’ll be so much to see
When we get to the end of the moonbow, baby, we’ll surely find a better life to lead
So when I get to the end of the moonbow, baby, I hope you’re there with me

I’m a looking for my pot of platinum at the end of the moonbow
And I’m wondering if now you know, baby, do you want to go...
Ya see I’m loving every minute of this moment that I’m living in
Do you wanna take a ride in this sled that I’ve been sailing in?

I’m a sun worshipper, a moon worshipper, and the stars, I praise the stars with all my heart...